Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay if I’m just watching my child skate?

No! Parents may spectate for free

What if I need to help my child, but I can’t or don’t want to skate?

Parents can walk out onto the skating surface, as long as they remove, or put shoe covers on over, their shoes. The shoe covers are available for free in a bin on the skate rental counter. (Please return them to bin after use, if they are still in good shape).

What if it looks like too much fun to pass up and I decide to skate with my child?
Excellent! Just come up to the front counter to pay for the admission and skate rental.
If I’m already in the building, why would I now need to pay “admission” and not just for skate rentals?
We don’t charge parents just to come into the building to watch (or even to go out on the floor to walk with their child). Our admission is the fee charged to participate in the activity of skating.


What forms of payment do you accept?
    • Cash saves you money!
    • Credit and debit cards are accepted also. All goods and services are priced for cash payment. Purchases made with a credit or debit card will receive a 4% non-cash adjustment.  This charge will show on your receipt.
    • No personal checks!
Do you have an ATM?


Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! You can purchase gift certificates in any amount desired. The gift certificates can be redeemed for admissions, skate rentals, food/drinks from our snack bar, and for merchandise. Gift certificates are not able to be used to play games in our arcade. Cash will not be given back; remaining balances can just be used the next time you come.


Can I bring my own skates?

Yes! Clean, rink-safe skates are allowed

What types of skates do you rent?
  • Regular (traditional) roller skates – what we, in the industry call “quads”
    [sizes Juv. 6-men’s 15]
  • Inline skates (aka ‘blades’ or ‘rollerblades’) – all the wheels are in a row
    [sizes Juv. 10-men’s 15]
  • Speed skates – also quad skates, but with a lower-cut boot, a lower heel, and wider wheels [sizes 1-13]
Is there any safety equipment required?

No, however you are welcome to bring in your own knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and/or helmet.

Do you rent skate mates?

No, we do not have skate mates at the present time.


Do you sell food and drinks?
Am I able to bring in a cake?

Only if you have scheduled a birthday party with us [b-day info] are you allowed to bring in a cake (and ice cream).

My child has a food allergy. Would I be able to see the list of ingredients of items you sell?

Please ask us. We will do our best to provide you with any information you need.

Other questions

Do you have a dress code?
Yes. This is a family roller skating center and we ask that our patrons respect that and dress appropriately. We reserve the right to deem clothing “appropriate”
Do you allowing smoking or vaping?
No. No smoking is allowed inside our building, in accordance with the Illinois State statute. We have a designated smoking area outside, away from our entrance/exit.
How long, before skating starts, do you open the doors?
We aim to start admitting people at least ten minutes before the scheduled start to our party/session to allow time to get skates on before the music starts.
Do you offer online access?
Yes! We have free WiFi, no password is needed.
Do the games take tokens or quarters?
Quarters. We have a change machine that accepts 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s.