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We sell all types and brands of skates, wheels, and accessories, etc.  We have over 35 yrs of experience.  we hope you will consider supporting your local skating center when it comes to these types of purchases.
See below before making that online purchase.

Recreational Inline Skates

Speed Skates

Artistic Skates

Hockey Skates (& equipment)

Before purchasing inline skates (Rollerblades) or quad skates (traditional) this year, here are a few things to consider:
  1. What type of wheels are on the skates?
    Many of the skates purchased at a retail or sporting good store come with extremely hard wheels. When you bring them to use at a skating rink, they will not grip the floor and feel “slippery”. All the skates we sell come with urethane wheels and will grip the skating floor. Note that our skates can still be used outside but skating on rough surfaces will wear the wheels out quicker.

  2. Replacement parts:
    We can get parts for all the skates we sell, however if you come to us with your skates bought from a store we may or may not be able to help you.

  3. You will be supporting a local family owned business and not some box store or some unknown online merchant.
  4. We have over 35 years of experience in the roller skating business and will guide you in making the best possible purchase for your need.

  5. If we don’t have what you want in stock, we order every Tuesday and have your order by Friday (assuming it is in stock at our supplier and there are no weather delays).

  6. If you order online – who do you contact if something is wrong with your order or your skate breaks within the first couple weeks?

    If you purchase from us, we will call our supplier and in most cases have a new skate for you by the next week. Note: in some cases the skate may need to be returned for inspection by our supplier before a replacement can be shipped.

So before ordering online or buying from someplace other than a skating rink, please think about the above. You can come in to order skates anytime we are open for public skating and if you can’t make it during a public skate, call and we will set up a time for you to come in and order. Is saving a couple of dollars worth the risk?