Skateland Private Birthday Rink Rental

Private rental is available in 1.5-hr and 2-hr increments. 
During your private party slot, we will allow only your invited guests to enter, and our full staff will be at your service, from food service to a live DJ!

We have all types of music available, plus you may bring your own if you would like. (mp3, cd, or audio device)
[We reserve the right to not play music that we deem is in bad taste or has offensive language.]

To book, call us at 815-874-6500 and ask for Susie or Phil.
Please leave a message if we are not there and we will return your call ASAP.


1.5-HOUR RENTAL: $450 (cash) / ($468 non-cash)
2-HOUR RENTAL: $500 (cash) / ($520 non-cash)
ALL skate rentals are included (regular & inline) with the price of your private party. (Socks must be worn)
We will provide all staff necessary.
The snack bar will be open and we offer discount food packages for your group. (see “optional upgrades” below)
NOTE: Other than a cake/cupcakes, no outside food or drink may be brought into the building.
Birthday Parties: We have balloons and decorative party ware available for purchase – see below!

Optional Upgrades

* Pizza & Drink Packages:
          3 whole cheese pizzas + 3 pitchers of your choice of drink: $54 (cash) (value of $63) (non-cash price: $56.16)
          5 whole cheese pizzas + 5 pitchers of your choice of drink: $90 (cash) (value of $105) (non-cash price: $93.60)
                   (upgrade to pepperoni or sausage: +$1.50 cash per pizza / $1.56 non-cash 

Slushies: $1 ea. (normally $1.25 ea.) (non-cash price: $1.04)

* Goodie Bags: avail. for $4 (cash) each / (non-cash price: $4.16)
As an extra bonus, buy your goodie bags from us and receive a FREE glow stick for each bag!  ($1.50 value for free!)

* Balloon Bouquet (1 foil balloon, 3 printed latex w/Hi-Float, foil weight): $12 cash / $12.48 non-cash
(click here to see some balloon options)

* Themed Tableware: from $2.50 cash ($2.56 non-cash) per placesetting (includes pizza plate, dessert plate, napkin, and cup)
(click here to see themes)

* Table Covers (solid colors ): $4 (cash) ea. (call for color options) (non-cash price: $4.16)
* Glow Sticks: $1.75 ea. (if ordered in advance) (non-cash price: $2.45)
* Glow Bracelets: 50¢ ea. (if ordered in advance) (non-cash price: 52¢)

Any further questions

Please call us at Skateland 815-874-6500, or reach out to us through our contact page, and we will be happy to assist you in arranging your party.
If calling, please leave a message if we are not there and we will return your call ASAP.